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New Townhall/Hot Air poll: Trump leads Carson, Fiorina; Sanders up 7% over Clinton!

The new Townhall/Hot Air poll for September of a random sample of 1,978 registered voters from around the country was released this morning and it shows Donald Trump continuing to lead in the GOP primary race, but with big jumps for challengers Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.


Trump now leads Carson by 15.64% and Fiorina by 13.39%:

More from Ed Morrissey:

The Republican primary race has changed somewhat since our August poll. Donald Trump still leads among voters planning to cast a ballot in a Republican primary with almost the identical percentage — 23.32% to 23.77%. Undecideds dropped significantly from 30.34% to 21.41%, most likely from better targeting of GOP-voting independents. The big moves, though, come from Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Carson improved from 8.13% in second place in August to 14.86% in this poll, still in second. Fiorina moves up from fifth in August to third place now, at 10.38%. Jeb Bush, who had been in third place, tumbled to sixth (margin of error ±4 points):


Also of note, the poll shows Hillary Clinton down 7% to Bernie Sanders! From Townhall:

Concerning the Democrats, they prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton by a seven-point margin (39/32), yet Ed noted that this could be due to us identifying Democratic-leaning independents better. With those who are solid Democrats, the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat 36/35.


Is it time for Hillary to panic yet? Or is it too late?


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