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‘What fresh hell is this?’ Elderly grandma running for president wants you to buy a $55 throw pillow

Hillary Clinton’s campaign store is open for business, promising “everyday items made by everyday Americans.”

Oh really? Can “everyday Americans” afford $55 for a throw pillow:


The website doesn’t say if it has feathers or not, but we’ll assume not as that would certainly enrage PETA and the like.

But this pillow is not the only item making waves on Twitter this morning.

Check out this $30 T-shirt designed to look like one of Hillary Clinton’s signature pantsuits:

And after throwing away $55 on a pillow and $30 on a T-shirt, drown your sorrows in $25 Hillary logo pint glass:




Supporting the champion of the everyday American certainly is expensive!

But, hey, Grandma needs to pay the bills:

“All the money,” indeed.



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