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Global warming activist Bill McKibben tweets about the 'astonishing record' snow in Buffalo [photo]

As Twitchy reported earlier, record snow is blanketing the Buffalo area today and global warming activist Bill McKibben (Twitchy coverage of McKibben here) has taken note:


But, oddly, he doesn’t link this to global warming. Why not?

These record snows are what we should expect from global warming:


More from the blog Skeptical Science:

To claim that record snowfall is inconsistent with a warming world betrays a lack of understanding of the link between global warming and extreme precipitation. Warming causes more moisture in the air which leads to more extreme precipitation events. This includes more heavy snowstorms in regions where snowfall conditions are favourable. Far from contradicting global warming, record snowfall is predicted by climate models and consistent with our expectation of more extreme precipitation events.

And yesterday we reported on this alarmist tweet from the White House alerting cities to a handy “toolkit” to help prepare for global warming:


Maybe it’s time to add a snow shovel to the kit? Because, you know, it’s science.


Be sure to share the White House climate ‘toolkit’ or else ‘DOOOOOM’

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