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Piers Morgan compared photo of Kardashian's butt to image of Mandela 'walking free' and CNN's Hilary Rosen agrees?

As we reported, Kim Karadashian tired to “break the Internet” on Wednesday by releasing a naked picture of her backside. The Internet, however, didn’t break, but it sure did generate a lot of commentary.


And here’s what Hilary Rosen of CNN had to say:

Um, did she not read Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail column before she tweeted this? Here’s the opener (emphasis ours):

The tweet crashed into my feed like a teasing tornado.

‘You can’t un-see this: Kim Kardashian shows off her famous backside,’ it read.

For once, the tease more than lived up to its promise.

As with Man landing on the Moon, Mandela walking free from his prison cell, and Derek Jeter’s winning hit in his last game at Yankee Stadium – it was a photograph that will be forever etched in the memory.

This is what Rosen agrees with? WTH?

Not everyone shares Rosen’s opinion, however:



Morgan then tried to defend his piece:

But, hey. Kim liked it!

Over to you, Hilary. Do you still agree with what Morgan wrote?


Check out the hilarious mockery of Kim Kardashian’s #BreakTheInternet challenge



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