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Joan Walsh thinks Sen. Landrieu's support of Keystone is to appease her Obama-hating 'white constituents'

As we reported yesterday, Sen. Mary Landrieu thinks a vote on the Keystone pipeline can save her Senate seat from challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy, but a few lines from her floor speech in support of the project yesterday are ruffling feathers.


Landrieu won’t campaign with the president, but she’ll steal his slogan:


And it’s not just “sí, se puede.” She used the memory of “fallen soldiers” as a reason to approve Keystone, too:

Double vomit.

Salon’s Joan Walsh has had enough:


More from Walsh:

In her Senate floor speech, Landrieu had the gall to hijack the old United Farmworkers saying, “Si se puede!” which had already been repurposed by Obama. It was to save Landrieu and other southern Dems, of course, that the president postponed executive action to defer deportation until after the election – and look where that got him.

Now Landrieu, who’s partly responsible for dividing countless Latino families who might have been kept together had the president kept his promise, is speaking Spanish and borrowing the slogan of low-wage Latino laborers to back the pipeline. Shameless.


Oh, FFS! Are we back at this again?


So let’s get this straight. Joan Walsh praised Sen. Landrieu for her comments on race right before the election, but now the Senator is playing the race card in a “craven” move to save her seat?

This is all very complicated.


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