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Feminists flip out after TIME magazine suggests banning the word 'feminist'

Get the popcorn as a delicious volcano of anger has erupted on Twitter over this TIME magazine piece asking readers which word the magazine should ban from its pages in 2015:


For TIME’s fourth annual word banishment poll, we’re asking readers to vote another word off the island, following previous castoffs OMG, YOLO and twerk. Cast your vote, encourage your friends to share their curmudgeonly angst and we’ll announce the results next week on Nov. 19.

And feminists are furious that TIME would even dare to add “feminist” to their list alongside other hated words such as “kale,” “bae,” and “literally.” Check it out:

It gets better, though. As of the publishing of this post, “feminist” is in the lead — by a lot:




More outrage from the sisterhood:


Sorry, ladies. TIME’s readers are speaking. If these poll results hold up, “feminist” will exit the political lexicon (at least for TIME) by Thanksgiving.

And Twitchy readers: Don’t forget to vote, too.

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