Klondike confirmed on Monday that its iconic Choco Taco — a “taco-shaped frozen treat consisted of light vanilla ice cream encased in a waffle cone, partially covered with milk chocolate and topped with peanuts” — has been discontinued:

But it wasn’t killed off because of demand. Apparently, the company saw a spike in other Klondike products over the past two years and the company is managing its resources. From People:

According to a rep for Klondike, which is owned by Unilever, the Choco Taco was entirely discontinued in July due to an unprecedented spike in demand for different Klondike products over the past two years.

So, this move is a result of the supply-chain crisis? It does look that way.

“#BidensAmerica” strikes again:

Klondike explained the move in a number of tweets responding to irate customers:

“Hi – the Klondike Choco Taco has been discontinued. We know this may be very disappointing news, but we’re excited to continue offering our range of delicious frozen treats, including Klondike Cones, Shakes, Sandwiches, and of course, our signature Bar available nationwide.”

If President Biden can’t even guarantee the supply of ice cream, good luck on oil and natural gas:

“We’re sorry for disappointing you – we’ve experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide. We hope you’ll give on of our other delicious frozen treats a try!”

Klondike is working to bring the bars back to ice cream trucks in the coming years, which again suggests it’s a supply-chain problem:

Good luck in the interim, Klondike:

“This has to be illegal”:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) joked — we think — that he’ll introduce “legislation to invoke the Defense Production Act to mandate the continued manufacture of Choco Tacos”:

Does he have support for the plan?

In reality, though. . .

When was the last time you had a Choco Taco?