Attorney Benjamin Crump has a brand new cause celebre, this time in Minnesota where a “loving & artistic 20-year-old” named Tekle Sunberg was killed by police “after an hours-long standoff while he was experiencing a mental health crisis”:

What Mr. Crump left out, however, was that Sundberg was shooting into a neighbor’s apartment — a single mother with two young kids — during this standoff:

Of course, he arranged a march to support the gunman because nothing matters:

And now Sundberg is the hero?

“Here’s a more accurate picture of him” for those who are curious about the “loving & artistic 20-year-old”:

And since when does “mental health crisis” mean police shouldn’t protect innocent lives?

Sundberg’s adoptive parents played the race card and said that if Tekle were white he wouldn’t have been shot (and we’d like to know just what the parents knew about his mental health before the shooting):

But, now, let’s talk about the mother who was shot at. She’s now homeless and, reportedly, out of a job:

But does the “sincere, concerned activist” care about that?

Oh, it’s even worse. . .

Crump’s marchers got into an argument with the mom outside of her apartment after she called them out for caring more about Sundberg than her family:

A GoFundMe has been set up to help her relocate and meet expenses:

Man, BLM has really lost the message:

What awful people:

Crump shouldn’t even have touched this one:

But, alas, this is where we are:


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