You know all those great photos we saw from NASA last week taken by the James Webb Space Telescope?

Yep! They’re now problematic. . .

It’s time to cancel the James Webb Space Telescope:

From NBC News:

The excitement around unprecedented new images of far-off galaxies has reignited calls from some within the scientific and queer communities to rename the James Webb Space Telescope because of Webb’s alleged involvement in past anti-LGTBQ government policies in the mid-20th century.

Images from the telescope, a project three decades in the making, were released on Tuesday by NASA. The observatory, which launched into orbit in December 2021, is about the size of a tennis court and can take more detailed images from deeper in space than any equipment of its kind.

NASA has billed the mission as an “Apollo moment,” with the potential to answer probing questions at the frontier of space discovery, including about life on other planets. But the agency has also faced criticism for naming its signature project after former NASA Administrator James Webb, who previously had served as undersecretary of state during the Truman administration, when the federal government systematically purged its ranks of LGBTQ employees.

They just can’t help themselves, can they?

This is reminiscent of the scientist who help land a probe on a comet but was shamed over his alleged sexist shirt:

Bonus: Elon Musk called it early:


‘Slutshirt shamed’! ‘Feminist bullies’ just made a comet scientist cry over his ‘sexist’ shirt

Why are most of the scientists who just landed a spaceship on a comet male and white?