In an incident eerily similar to the one involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a West Seattle man was arrested for committing an alleged hate crime after he stood outside of Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s home armed with a gun:

Rep. Jayapal thanked law enforcement for their “swift and professional work”:

This occurred on Saturday night:

According to reports, the suspect with the gun allegedly yelled, “Go back to India, I’m going to kill you”:

Thankfully they arrested him before anyone was hurt:

The suspect was later identified as Brett Forsell:

And prosecutors asked for $500,000 bail:

So, Dems defended the protesting of Justice Brett Kavanaugh at dinner shortly after a man with a gun was arrested outside of *his* home. The same goes for Rep. Jayapal, right? Conservatives can protest wherever she’s eating this week?

And perhaps even offer bounties to servers to rat out where she’s eating?



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