Former Trump-era Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted on Sunday that “‘We will never lock down again,’ is a political campaign slogan” and that’s because “We never ‘locked down before (especially so in the places that most complain about it) so we can’t do it ‘again…'”:

It would have been nice for him to say this after the first three months of the lockdown he said never happened:

Good advice! Might we suggest being honest with yourself, Jerome, and apologizing for everything you got WRONG?

And as for “we never truly locked down,” that’s news to millions of Americans:

Twitchy favorite Nice Searcy added, “Shut up, liar”:

And here’s a random kid from Minnesota dunking on Adams with a reminder of all he lost with the lockdown:

But then Adams made it worse, telling this kid that “people like Brittany Griner, or my brother (who actually WAS in prison in 2020) would argue that there are different degrees of ‘lockdown hell”:

What a ratio, too:

Adams’ brother battled addiction which his family thinks led to his incarceration, so this may be a good time to remind Adams that states banned AA meetings and such (sorry for the typo below):

So, he’s saying there were lockdowns? It’s all so confusing:

And way to play the Griner card, too. That’s impressive:

Can people who got the Covid response so, so wrong please stop talking?

Sheesh. Bring on Ron DeSantis, stat: