Just when you think “The View” can’t possibly get any dumber. . .

Joy Behar decided to weigh in on the recent SCOTUS case, Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, which ruled that high school football coach Joseph Kennedy has the constitutional right to pray after football games and somehow NFL QB Colin Kapernick got involved. Have a watch:

Here’s the transcript of her nonsense:

I would like to know if it would apply to Colin Kaepernick, for example. He takes a knee. I don’t know if this is really legal or any of what I’m saying, but it seemed to me like the guy takes a knee and he gets thrown off the team. But he could be praying, too. Praying, you know, that these people would leave him alone. I don’t know why he’s praying for. But he could be praying. How do theyt know what you’re doing when you take a knee? Doesn’t that look like prayer to you? Suddenly it’s illegal for him, but it’s okay for this?

And does it matter to ABC that everything Behar said was, you know, WRONG?

Kaepernick wasn’t fired and he actually asked to be released from his contract:

Yes, the “brain worms” from “The View” continue:



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