As we told you yesterday, the White House is attempting to blame inflation on Russia’s invasion of Ukriane:

With the biggest single driver of inflation being Putin’s war against Ukraine, @POTUS has taken action to blunt the impact of Putin’s Price Hike for families.

And we pointed out yesterday how this is just not true:

It’s a lie, even:

Where’s the Ministry of Truth when you need them?

Now, here’s former Vice President Mike Pence with a sledgehammer of a fact check:

“The Biden Administration has squandered American prosperity faster than any other administration in the history of our country. Inflation is at a 40-year high, debasing our currency and making each dollar earned by the American people worth less than it was the day before.”

Fact check: ALL TRUE:

“Gasoline prices have increased by 75% since Joe Biden became president, rippling across our economy and driving up the cost of every product shipped from a factory to a retail store. Here in Illinois, gas prices have set a new record at over $5.50 per gallon.”



‘Nice try’: Biden WH’s brag about blunting the impact of ‘Putin’s price hikes’ doesn’t hold up to scrutiny