Corporal Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana of the El Monte Police Department were shot and killed Tuesday night while responding to a reported stabbing at a motel:

From KTLA:

Investigators said the two officers, Corporal Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana, were ambushed by gunfire from inside a motel room as soon as they arrived at the Siesta Inn around 5:10 p.m.

At one point, the shooter came outside and exchanged gunfire with police.

When the shooting was over, the officers were taken to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The gunman, Justin Flores, 35, was also killed in the shootout but he never should have been on the street. From Fox News’ Bill Melugin:

“NEW: Per sources, the gang member who fatally shot two El Monte PD officers last night was on probation for felon w/ a firearm after he received a bare minimum sentence in plea deal under LA DA @GeorgeGascon last year, despite having a previous strike on his record. @FoxNews


“Law enforcement sources tell me Justin William Flores had a previous strike conviction in 2011 for PC 459, but that he still received the absolute bare minimum sentence for his felon in possession of a gun charges last year in accordance w/ [Los Angeles County DA George Gascón] policies. 2 years probation.”

He should have been in prison!

“The two fallen officers have now been identified. Sources in the LA DA’s office tell me if this case had been prosecuted without Gascon’s policies in Feb 2021, Flores would have likely been behind bars on a 2.5-3 year minimum sentence. Instead, he was out on probation last night.”

According to Melugin’s sources, “even though Flores had a strike on his record, it was not considered during this gun case in Feb 2021 in accordance w/ Gascon’s policies of not prosecuting CA 3 Strikes Law. A trial court & a CA appellate court have now both ruled Gascon’s policy was illegal”:

But, wait, there’s more: LA County is going to pay for the shooter’s funeral:

Gascón’s office released a statement defending Flores’ light sentence:

Twitchy favorite James Woods added:

“Let’s put it as simply as we can. If George Gascon obeyed the law these two El Monte police officers would be alive today. George Gascon has blood on his hands. Not only should he be recalled; he should be in prison.”