Anti-gun activist David Hogg took a victory lap on Sunday after a group of bipartisan senators announced a framework for new gun control legislation.

“When senators reach a bi-partisan deal on guns for the first time in 30 years- time to celebrate with the breakfast of champions,” he tweeted with a milkshake:

He’s selling the shirt, too, which includes a QR code that takes you to the March For Our Lives site where you can donate and register to vote:

He did admit, however, that “this is progress even if small”:

And that “this is a first step”:

According to Fox News’ Chad Pergram, Hogg and his group “held more than 70 bipartisan meetings on Capitol Hill to lobby” for this “lifesaving legislation to end gun violence”:

But The Federalist’s David Harsanyi isn’t buying it:

“It’s amazing to me how this ignorant kid who wants to overturn the second amendment is 1) treated like [a] statesman by frightened politicians, & 2) how the media repackages his rhetoric. It is *highly debatable* that anything he is advocating for is ‘lifesaving legislation.'”

Parkland parent Ryan Petty isn’t buying it as well and questioned why Hogg is supporting this framework as “this compromise has almost nothing to do with MOFL policy agenda”:

No, it does not:

It doesn’t do anything Hogg and his crew wanted:

So, what’s he up to?

Oh, and get your donations in, Hogg later tweeted:

It’s almost as if that’s *really* what the point of it all is, no? He knows they’ll never get passed what they want to get passed and the point of all of this is to just keep his group funded with recurring monthly donations.

Well, he’s learned the game, we’ll give him that.