The Washington Post’s Taylor Lawrence has to “fly soon for work” and she’s asked for tips to stay safe from Covid.

She tweeted:

“I have to fly soon for work & as someone who is medically vulnerable I’m so scared. All COVID precautions that keep high risk people safe have been dropped. I plan to keep an N95 on my face for all 7 hours w/ zero water breaks, but I’m scared it may not seal perfectly. Any tips?”

Well, she asked. . .

Sydney Leathers told her that as someone who has “had to fly a ton for work” that she should wear kn95 masks and use hand sanitizer:

“I’ve had to fly a ton for work and I wear kn95s the whole time and take a little thing of hand sanitizer with me & still somehow haven’t gotten covid. it seems the good masks really do work, I think you’ll be okay!!”

Yes — this Sydney Leathers:

Sydney’s advice, it turns out, is pretty good! Former CDC Director Tom Frieden told Taylor to “pinch the nosepiece” on her mask and “use hand sanitizer.” He also warned her that the airport is more dangerous than the airplane:

But Taylor knows best!

“Unfortunately hand sanitizer doesn’t protect against COVID airborne transmission, and a bunch of ppl are getting it w KN95s because it’s so contagious. But so glad to hear you haven’t gotten yet! Stay safe and remember that it’s airborne 💓”

There’s always driving?


“It’s cross country and so driving won’t work this time. But yeah if it was closer I would drive!”

Taylor’s colleague at the Washington Post, Karen Tumulty, suggested she take Evusheld, an injectable drug for the immunocompromised that’s “for the pre-exposure prophylaxis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in adults and pediatric individuals (12 years of age and older weighing at least 40 kg)”:

But she’s having trouble finding it in Los Angeles:

Has she tried her doctor?

Even her colleague agreed with that advice:

Or Taylor can just move to Florida. From Florida Department of Health press secretary Jeremy Redfern:

She has him blocked though:

But, curiously, she didn’t get too mad at Nikki Fried’s comms director for not wearing a mask on the plane:

SHAME ON YOU, KEITH! — but she still loves you:

“Not to be that person but we are in the middle of a pandemic so please wear a mask to protect the high risk and vulnerable! 🙏🏻😭 ilu!”

And since her tweets sometimes just get deleted, we’ll add a screenshot of the extra-funny Sydney Leathers exchange for posterity: