Breaking news out of California where we’re seeing that San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled on Tuesday night:

Boudin blamed the recall on “tech bros” and, even funnier, San Francisco Republicans:

We sense a pattern here:

With Chesa Boudin about to go down, and his predecessor George Gascón facing recall soon in L.A., and Kamala Harris having risen to her level of incompetence nationwide, San Francisco’s last three D.A.’s have been unmitigated disasters for the city”

Dems, get ready for the red wave:

Here’s the sad state of affairs at his election party last night:

LOL, he thought he was going to win?

You’re next, George Gascón:

Melina Abdullah, the leader of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles is having a major sad over Boudin’s recall.

She tweeted:

“One of the most committed, visionary DAs in the nation was just recalled. @chesaboudin made me believe in the term ‘progressive prosecutor.’ Big-money, pro-cop interests bought the election. They’re trying to do the same thing in LA.
We can’t fall for it.”

And the progressive challenger to “tough on crime DA Todd Spitzer” in Orange County is getting creamed, too:

Maybe there’s hope for California?

Progressives railed against LA Co Sheriff Alex Villanueva and mayoral candidate Rick Caruso, trying to smear them as ‘far right,’ and claiming that Republicans were behind the Chesa Boudin recall. The progressives are losing big tonight. #CAPrimary