The Washington Post’s Felicia Sonmez accused her colleague, Jose A. Del Real, of attacking her after he — quite mildly! — called her out for the “targeted harassment” of Dave Weigel:

When women stand up for themselves, some people respond with even more vitriol. Last night, a Post colleague publicly attacked me for calling out another colleague’s sexist tweet. He first hid any replies objecting to his attacks, and now seems to have deleted his account. 1/2″

Wow. There was nothing wrong with what he tweeted:

Del Real has briefly deleted his account and Sonmez tagged WaPo executive editor Sally Buzbee in a follow-up tweet, asking if she agreed with what Del Real said:

Objecting to sexism is not “clout chasing.” It’s not “harassment.” And it’s certainly not “cruelty.” Does the Washington Post agree? @SallyBuzbee @mateagold Here is a personal thread I wrote last night about why speaking out matters to me and other women. 2/2″

Del Real then defended himself in the 6-tweet thread:

Now, we don’t know if Buzbee agreed or not with what Sonmez tweeted, but the executive editor did send this email out to all staffers after Sonmez’s tweet above telling them to take their concerns to “leadership or human relations” and to “treat each other with respect and kindness”:

In response to that, Sonmez accused her boss of providing “fodder for *more* harassment.”


“Example 5 billion and then some. Especially great when a statement from your newspaper’s executive editor provides fodder for *more* harassment.”

And she’s still calling out Del Real:



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