Just to give you an update on what’s going on in the Pennsylvania GOP primary race for U.S. Senate, David McCormick’s lawyers were in court today arguing that 800 or so mail-in ballots that were received by the deadline but were missing a handwritten date on the envelope should be counted:

From WGAL’s Tom Lehman:

McCormick’s camp has essentially argued recent court decisions outside of the #PASEN race have shown the date requirement isn’t necessary to determine if a #Pennsylvania mail ballot is legal.”


McCormick’s lawyers have also argued that the court needs to intervene and ensure that all counties are counting those ballots in the #PASEN primary and follow latest guidance from Acting Secretary for PA Dept. of State.”

The state is siding with McCormick:

But election officials also admitted that they have no idea how many votes — the initial tally, mind you — have been counted so far and this is just because of “normal vote reporting + [the] undated ballot issue”:

Gulp. Imagine the 2024 election playing out like the 2000 election but instead of Florida the one state to decide the presidency is Pennsylvania and election officials say:

“‘We are only as good as the data that is being uploaded,’ PA Dept of State spokesperson Grace Griffaton said Friday. ‘The information we can provide Pennsylvanians is the information being provided by the counties.'”

Even worse? The counties have different standards:

McCormick’s campaign is now asking for a hand recount of 12 counties because of these discrepancies:

The primary was on May 17, so, again, think of this timeline in 2024 and not knowing who won the presidency two weeks after the election:

Both parties should be in a panic over this:

Double gulp.