It was another bloody weekend in America’s third-largest city, via the Chicago Sun-Times:

But we’re not allowed to talk about it, or something. From superstar John Legend:

“A lot of “what about Chicago?” in my mentions whenever I talk about guns. We all want Chicago to be safer but please see the list of states with the highest gun mortality rates. See how far you have to go down to get to Illinois. Link –”

And, of course, even bringing up Chicago means you “MIGHT also be a racist”:

Now, let’s take a look at Legend’s numbers, shall we? In his first tweet, he’s linking to the CDC’s stats on “Firearms Mortality” which shows Wyoming (death rate of 25.9/100,000) is more dangerous than Illinois (death rate of 14.1/100,000.)

But if you look at the CDC’s stats on “Homicide Mortality by State,” you find — not surprisingly — an entirely different picture than what Legend suggested. Illinois, with just gun homicides, has a death rate of  11.2/100,000 (1353 homicides) compared to Wyoming’s 4.9/100,000 and 29 homicides, which is the opposite point he was trying to make about Illinois.

Also this weekend, the national media started covering the daily gun violence that’s happening in our major cities:

From CNN:

Six people were shot, and two of them suffered life-threatening injuries, following an altercation between two groups of people in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Saturday night, police said.

Patrolling officers heard gunshots around 11 p.m. in the Cherry Street area and arrived at a scene of “multiple parties exchanging gunfire and numerous people fleeing the area,” said police.
“Two individuals from one group started firing upon the other group,” Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy said in a news conference Sunday. “They believe that there wasn’t one intended target — at least in that other group — and all of the other victims that were shot were unintended.”

But, *why* did they cover this particular story this weekend rather than, say, a weekend of violence that saw 48 shot and 9 dead?

We suspect CNN will NOT be breaking into coverage for every mass shooting, especially the ones in Chicago.