Apparently, anti-gun activist David Hogg and never-Trumper Joe Walsh are teaming up to pass new gun control legislation. We’re not joking:

From Walsh himself: “We disagree on way, way, way more than we agree on, but @davidhogg111 gives me such great hope for this country. And that’s not easy to do because I’m a dark Irishman.”


Keep in mind, Walsh had a VERY different opinion of Hogg just days after the Parkland shooting when Hogg was still in high school:

Walsh was quite fond of mocking the teenager, too:

David Hogg was good for gun sales *then* but now *now*?

This tweet is *one day* after the Parkland massacre:

Florida actually ended up passing new laws after Parkland, which Walsh back then said wouldn’t work. But now Dems want to trust him?

Hogg also wants his lib friends to stop using “gun control” and switch to the Frank Luntz-approved “gun safety”:

Yeah, that won’t work.



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