Elon Musk shared this bit of data on the U.S. birthrate this morning, triggering an onslaught of liberal blue-check outrage because today is a day that ends in a “y”:

He later issued a few replies to make it clear what point he was trying to get across:

“Contrary to what many think, the richer someone is, the fewer kids they have. I am a rare exception. Most people I know have zero or one kid.”

And he responded to Robby Starbuck, “We just need to celebrate having kids”:

BOOM! And a new slogan — “Make having kids great again” — was born:

We’ll be on the lookout as libs will surely come after him over the replacement theory BS:

Well, if you look at what just happened in Georgia with the new investment in EVs from Hyundai and the Rivian electric truck plant, this isn’t too far off on the green side, at least:

However, from a lib point of view, they want Musk to use his money to do something better with his time than “role-playing as an Afrikaner on a website he owns:

But Musk’s point was the “rich” are the ones not having kids, and they should be:

Imagine the outrage if Musk did try to help 3.5 million homeless kids?

Yeah, this is exactly what he’s probably worried about . . . or not:

Never change, guys. Never. Change.


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