Rachel Biteofer, a lib blue-check who is also a “polling/targeting expert,” tweeted that she “never understood the couples outing to the grocery store, but then I suppose some people endeavor to see their spouse more, not less”:

LOL. No wonder Dems are so absolutely awful targeting normal people:

This *really* has her stumped, doesn’t it?

But she got particularly angry at conservative writer Jerry Dunleavy over this thread:

“Could be the couple likes spending time together and want to knock shopping out jointly so it’s not just one having to do a chore. plus if you’re together you run things past each other — makes deciding quicker. and you sometimes stumble on something new you both want to try.”

“Just another day on Twitter explaining basic human interactions to blue checks with big followings.”

“Oh also depending on how much you buy there’s a ton to carry, and how else can you impress your lady carrying ***all*** the bags at once in one trip for no reason unless you’re there with her to do so.”

You see, it’s Jerry — and us — without the “sense of humor” here:

Fact check: True.



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