Vice President Kamala Harris attended an event in Fall Church, Virginia this afternoon to promote electric school buses paid for out a $5 billion fund in the infrastructure law:

What is it with Joe Biden putting Kamala Harris on school buses? Wasn’t she angry with him for bussing her as a kid?

Find someone who loves you as much as Joe Biden loves putting Kamala Harris on school buses:

The press was invited along on her little trip, too:

Vice President was in full-cringe mode talking about the buses afterward, too:

“And so, I think about this subject of our yellow school buses in that regard. Because think about it, yellow school buses are our nation’s largest form of mass transit. How about that? Every day [muted applause] and so, yes, let’s applaud, cause it gets them where they need to go [cackle]”

Honestly — what’s wrong with her?

She also claimed that one of the benefits of school buses is that they’re quiet and that they will help bus drivers “hear the road,” which might be news to school bush drivers who can’t hear the engine over a bus filled with screaming kids as it is:

And, of course, no exhaust:



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