Alex Johnson, a reported intern at The Lincoln Project, says Steve Schmidt hung up on him and then blocked him after he asked why the “outsourced legal team” hired by the group didn’t interview him about John Weaver:

Over to you, Lincoln Project. Don’t you want to get to the bottom of this?

This *could* blow up, but it’s early:

Johnson says he signed an NDA but he doesn’t care. “LOL! sue me”:

Earlier, he tried to get the attention Schmidt, Rick Wilson and Reed Galen but to no avail.

Alright, I’m at my wits ends on this shit. Someone from @ProjectLincoln needs to respond to my calls or texts. I’ve tried calling, texting, DMing. If I don’t get a response soon, we’re going to have some issues!”:

Johnson added that he’s “not threatening anyone” and he just wanted a call:

We’ll keep you posted.



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