Jim Acosta says he helped explain to an Afghan refugee delivering groceries the complexities of an elevator.


The CNN anchor tweeted:

“Ran into an Afghan refugee in the elevator today. He was delivering groceries. Didn’t know which buttons to push so I helped. Must have been new. As he got off the elevator, he thanked me and said “I am Afghan.” I said good luck and welcome to America. He smiled. He’s on his way.”

Um, did this really happen?

Because people have questions. Like, he didn’t know how to use an elevator? Seriously?

And how do we know he’s a refugee?

The story doesn’t add up:

And we’d really like to know how this guy can use a smartphone but not the elevator:

On the other hand, if he really didn’t know how to use the elevator, that still makes him smarter than the suits at CNN who greenlit and funded CNN+:



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