Lib blue-check writer and Twitchy regular Jill Filipovic want you to know that it’s men who are the ones *really* hurt if Roe v. Wade gets overturned.

She tweeted:

“There are millions of men whose lives would have been much worse without abortion. Men who wouldn’t have found their big loves, wouldn’t have their kids, wouldn’t have been as successful, wouldn’t have taken big risks. Many of them don’t think about it. Some don’t even know it.”

Guys, she’s serious:

“How many men are sitting in elected office, running companies, caring for their much-loved kids, going on big adventures, working their way up, making their art, writing their books, appearing on your television screen because they didn’t become fathers before they were ready?”

Men — the secret beneficiaries of abortion:

“I would bet, though, that most of them don’t think about the abortion their partner had as saving their lives, too; I would bet they don’t think about it much at all. And many of them are the beneficiaries of abortions they still don’t know about.”

But she makes it clear that men should not be able to talk about “someone else’s abortion”:

“I’m not saying that men need to talk about someone else’s abortion. I am saying: This is your fight, too. Get in it.”

Yeah, this isn’t the argument she thinks it is.



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