It begins.

ABCs’ Jonathan Karl has reportedly tested positive for Covid after attending last Saturday’s WHCA dinner in Washington, D.C.:

From Politico:

ABC News’ Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl has tested positive for Covid-19, people familiar with the matter confirm, days after sitting next to Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and interacting with President Joe Biden.

Karl was seated next to Kim Kardashian at the dinner and he received an award later in the evening:

And here’s a video of Karl getting the award and then shaking hands with President Joe Biden:

Or will the White House now argue this isn’t a close enough contact?

Flashback: Remember when Jonathan Karl was a mask Karen? We do:

WHCA President Steven Portnoy admitted that he’s aware of “a small number of cases, in the single digits”:

A “small number”? Really? That doesn’t seem likely:

But the president should be safe because Secretary Pete told us that everyone knows the difference between a ballroom and an airplane with filtered air:

All eyes are now on the Met Gala to see if there are cases tied to that, too:

So, how soon until D.C.’s elite blame the staff since everyone at the dinner was reportedly vaccinated, boosted and had tested negative before attending?

Hopefully, this puts an end to any talk of mandated shots and people are just free to live their lives



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