Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked last night on stage while performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Chappelle wasn’t injured but let’s just say his attacker looks like he’ll be nursing his injuries for quite some time.

First up, here’s s a summary of what went down with aerial footage of the man rushing the stage during Chappelle’s set:

Buzzfeed News’ Brianna Sacks was on hand and reported that the attacker “got his a** kicked by at least 10 people.”

Warning: Graphic footage ahead.

Are his arms supposed to go in that direction? We don’t think that’s how arms are supposed to look:

Here’s the rundown of what happened:

“The show was just ending when the man hoppped onto stage and ran at Chappelle, form tackling him to the ground. The comedian had literally just said he now has more security because of all the uproar from his jokes about the Trans community.”

“Security et al rushed and started punching and kicking the s*it out of Chappelle attacker. He was just about to bring on Talib Kweli and Mos Def for the encode and we in the crowd were like what the fuck is going on. Chappelle kept on while the guy was getting beat in the back.”

Sheer chaos. Then Jamie Fox comes out in a cowboy hat, looking absolutely shocked, and Chappelle makes a joke about stomping the guy, who is still getting beat up. kweli and Mos Def do their set while LAPD cruisers start arriving behind the stage. F*cking wild”

More video of the aftermath:

What an insane time:

Now, here’s the joke Chappelle told “while the attacker was getting beat up”:

Watch for yourself:

Chris Rock then joked and asked if the attacker was Will Smith:

On a serious note, Newsweek reported (unconfirmed) that the attacker was armed with a knifed and gun:

And here’s Chapelle addressing the crowd after the show with a hilarious nod to Jamie Fox coming out with a sheriff’s hat:


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