CNN’s Brian Stelter interviewed fellow CNN anchor Anderson Cooper along with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin to discuss Politico’s bombshell article alleging that the Supreme Court will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

It did not go well, and the criticism came from liberal blue-checks, lawyers and other journalists. First up, here’s the segment:

From the Washington Post’s Gene Park who speaks for many right now:

And from UCLA Professor Dr. Sarah Roberts:

Newsbusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro also reminded us that Toobin is probably the last person to go on air to discuss abortion based on his past history on the subject:

There were no women avaialbe, CNN?

Well, CNN thought it was a good idea. But, then again, they thought CNN+ was a good idea:

“Ugh, you had one job CNN”:

Hey, CNN, do you get the picture yet? It appears that many on this site don’t think Toobin should be on air:

And we’ll point out what Toobin said about the leak is just not accurate:

There’s a long history of these leaks, too:



Maybe SCOTUS will recover after all?


Other libs are calling out Stelter for even covering the leak aspect of the story in the first place:

And from James Fallows:

Maybe, instead of defending the coverage, he should read the quote tweets and ask CNN why they continue to employ Toobin? It’s not just our side that thinks it’s a problem:

If only:



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