At the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday night, comedian Trevor Noah pointed out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the audience before attempting some humor at his expense. The only problem with this? That’s right — it’s fake news. Gov. DeSantis was not at the dinner.

Watch for yourself:

“There’s many big names here tonight. Yeah. One of my favorites, Rhonda Sanctus is here. Yeah, yeah. Oh, man. I’m actually surprised that he found the time. You know, he’s been so busy trying to outmaneuver Trump for 2024. I see you, Ron. I see you,  player.”

His spox Christina Pushaw made clear that the governor was not in attendance:

“Haha! I can confirm. He is not at the WHCA. Not his scene.”

They do this because they’re afraid of him:

“Why are people saying Governor DeSantis is at the White House Correspondents Dinner!? 😂 Because DC Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) can’t stop talking about him even during their nerd prom?”

We will point out that, somehow, Gov. DeSantis did end up in the program:

And multiple people listed in the program did not attend:

But it sure sounds like he was included in error:

“Lol he wasn’t there, why would he go to that.”

With a room full of journalists, certainly, they’ll correct Noah. It’s what they do, right? RIGHT?


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