Anthony Fauci, 81, will not attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner because of his own personal risk of catching Covid:

From the Reliable Sources newsletter:

The nation’s top doctor will no longer be attending the White House Correspondents Association Dinner this Saturday. Dr. Anthony Fauci had been invited to attend as a guest of ABC News and had planned on going, sources familiar with the matter told Kaitlan Collins and me. But he recently decided to abandon those plans and inform ABC that he would no longer attend because of an individual assessment of his own personal risk, the sources said. Fauci’s decision comes amid concerns that the event could become a superspreader like the annual Gridiron Dinner held weeks ago, even though the WHCA is taking all the expected Covid precautions. Fauci’s decision also comes as the omicron sub-variant sweeps the nation…

If it’s not safe for 81-year-old Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top expert on all this, how is it safe from 79-year-old Joe Biden to go?

And we eagerly await comments from all the journos who elevated Fauci to god-like status over the past two years. Are you guys just going to stop following the science now that it impacts *your* Nerd Prom?

Over to you, Steven Portnoy, head of the WHCA: “Why are you still going through with it?”

It’s the SCIENCE!

Might we make a suggestion? Do it on Zoom, just like they did to our kids:

As an added bonus, that would cut their carbon footprint! A lib win-win. . .



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