Shaun King says he was told — no more information than that, mind you — that “Apple and Google will remove Twitter from the App Store if it does not moderate and remove hate speech under” Elon Musk and that “Amazon web services has the same commitment”:

Now, before we just dismiss King’s “I am told” reporting, this *is* something libs are targeting Musk over. From Media Matters President and CEO Angelo Carusone:

“Apple should make clear and reiterate that Twitter won’t get special treatment. Some of what Musk plans to do will violate Apple’s requirements for the App Store and Apple needs to make it clear they will enforce their rules and uphold their requirements.”

Other blue-check are preemptively targeting Apple as well:

And we know how they define “hate speech.” Will libs stop until they get what they want?

Marc Andreessen added that it’s correct to say, “If @elonmusk manages to liberate Twitter, efforts to control free speech will move to the Apple / Google level, and then to the national level:

Over to you, Mr. Musk. What’s the plan when they do this?

One thing he could do is build his own app store. . .

. . .which is something that might not be too far from reality:

Stay tuned. . .


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