We’ve reached the stage of the lockdown in Shanghai where health officials are now literally fencing in blocks and individual buildings to keep people locked inside over Covid:

It’s like they’ve turned the entire city into a prison:

Or a zoo:

Jared Nelson, an American businessman living in Shanghai, reports that “friends in several areas reported new cases in apartment buildings and communities that have been under strict lockdown for weeks.”

So, the lockdown is draconian and ineffective? Good to know:

This is insane:

Where is the breaking point?

Some more photos of the fencing:


And nobody seems to really know what’s going on:

One issue Chinese officials are worried about is that the elderly in Shanghai have a low vaccination rate:

So, they’ve closed the vaccination sites but they are “distributing traditional Chinese medicine,” which is as insane as it sounds:

Panic buying has spread to Beijing with resident there thinking they’re next to get the lockdown treatment:

That’s not enough food if the lockdown in Beijing lasts as long as in Shanghai. Load up!

Load up if you can, we should add:

It’s 2020 all over again:



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