As we all know by now, the Biden administration is going to court in an attempt to revive the federal travel mask mandate:

But, you see, the science says you need a mask on a plane with filtered air but no mask is required during an indoor event on the ground. Here’s the scene at Green River College in Auburn, Washington, before President Biden arrived to speak on Friday.

Do you see many masks in the crowd? We don’t:

No masks in the line to get in, too:

Here’s another view. NO MASKS:

Well, there are a few to be fair:

This one guy stands out:

You can watch the president’s remarks here:

Earlier, the White House released this video of Vice President Kamala Harris meeting with children indoors, all maskless, of course:



NYT writer David Leonhardt’s approach to how we should ‘be thinking about masks at this point in the pandemic’ is refreshingly reasonable

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