MSNBC says they “inaccurately referred to Malcolm Nance as an MSNBC analyst”:


MSNBC military analyst Malcolm Nance said during an interview with Joy Reid last night that “about a month ago” he joined the International Legion in Ukraine to help the country repel the Russian invasion:

Here’s the transcript and we’ve highlighted the part about when he said he joined the fight:

Well, as you know, I spent quite a bit of time here in the prewar period. And when the invasion happened, I had friends who were in Donetsk, who were in the Ukrainian Army, who are writing to us and telling us we’re not going to survive tonight. We’ve been hit 500 times. These graduates of Defense Language Institute. These are my friends. And the more I saw of the war going on, the more I thought I’m done talking. All right. It’s time to take action here. So about a month ago, I joined the International Legion here in Ukraine. And I am here to help this country fight what essentially is a war of extermination. This is an existential war. And Russia has bought it to these people, and they are mass murdering civilians. And there are people here like me who are here to do something about it.

Nance later tweeted this artsy black-and-white photo captioned, “I’m DONE talking”:

Nance, age 60, says there are older fighters on the line as well:

But there is some confusion as to Nance’s status with MSNBC.

MSNBC claims he’s no longer an analyst for the network:

And hasn’t been for some time, according to Politico’s Max Tani:

But MSNBC was promoting Nance as an analyst just yesterday:

And if Nance joined the legion a month ago, as he said to Joy Reid, it sure looks like he was on air for MSNBC as an analyst during that same time:

What say you MSNBC?


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