Just to follow up on this story from Thursday. . .

. . .the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. has arrested multiple carjacking subjects and has successfully reunited one of the dogs with its owners:

“As a result of the Carjacking Task Force detectives’ investigation, “Pablo” the dog has been recovered from a residence in NE. Several arrests have been made as a result. Efforts are being made to locate the second dog, “Bruno”. This is still an active investigation”:

Welcome home, Pablo:

And here’s the moment Pablo was reunited with the owners:

Pablo’s owner, Twitter user @abbysev, thanked everyone on social media for helping her story go viral:

And she thanked the Carjacking Unit for making the arrests:

Bruno, the second pup allegedly stolen by this group of carjackers, is still missing.

From Abby: “Keep the momentum up for our boy Bruno! We have so many eyes on this and remain hopeful that he’ll be returned safely to his family – please continue to share!!!”:




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