Georgia Republican and U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker was in D.C. to accept the Horatio Alger award and ran into Justice Clarence Thomas at the event, which led to this photo which, in turn, led to a MAJOR meltdown by blue-checks on Twitter:

For those who don’t know, Justice Thomas is an honorary board member of the organization which is why he was at the event along with Walker:


Dem Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut called the photo the proverbial “crossing of the Rubicon” and urged Congress to pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act:

More fake outrage from the Left:

Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York questioned if this means Justice Thomas will “now recuse himself from matters arising under this year’s Senate election in Georgia?”:

And here’s Keith Olbermann calling Walker a “moron,” which is only racist if you’re a Republican:

More outrage from the blue-check brigade:

Are you guys going to be okay?



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