French President Emmanuel Macron called out President Joe Biden for his rhetoric directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying in an interview today that he “wouldn’t use terms like that because I’m still in talks with President Putin”:

President Macron was referring to his now-viral clip:

He also warned of escalating the rhetoric at this time:

And as for this gaffe. . .

. . .it’s now officially gaffe as the president himself has now confirmed he wasn’t talking about regime change:

ln Fred Thompson voice from “The Hunt From Red October,” Macron added that “we must do everything to avoid the situation getting out of hand”:

But one person really, really upset with President Macron is Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov who thinks calling Vladimir Putin a “butcher” while trying to negotiate an end to the war is just fine:

More from Kasparov. . .

“Macron should have his next humiliating chat with Putin in Mariupol. Engagement with a dictator is a loss of leverage and a show of weakness. Pressure comes from isolation, which targets Putin’s hold on power, the only thing he cares about”:

“Even if you think your goals are pure, like getting humanitarian aid into Ukraine, groveling before Putin is never going to be the most effective way to achieve them. It gives him more chips to gamble with. Then he’ll take more hostages to gain more”:

“Dictatorship are sociopaths, narcissists. They see only what helps them. “I bombed entire cities full of innocents to the ground and foreign leaders are still coming to beg for my help. I am powerful and should continue bombing”:

You know, maybe the chess master should’ve spent the past 5 years calling out NATO countries for funding Russia’s war machine through energy purchase instead of going after Donald Trump so hard and Ukraine wouldn’t be in this position right now? Just a thought.



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