Dashcam footage was released showing a hero Florida Highway Patrol trooper Toni Schuck ram her car into an alleged drunk driver who had blown through a bunch of barricades in place to protect runners participating in a 10-kilometer charity race over the Sunshine Bridge south of Tampa:

Trooper Shuck suffered serious injuries in the crash. From Fox 5:

FHP said 52-year-old Kristen Kay Watts of Sarasota slammed into Master Trooper Toni Schuck’s SUV on Sunday morning, leaving Schuck, 47, with serious injuries, after ignoring a series of roadblocks in place for the annual Skyway 10K.

“There’s no telling what would have happened had that vehicle actually reached all of those runners. The bottom line is these troopers saved dozens upon dozens of lives and saved even more people from serious bodily harm injury,” said Trooper Watson.

FHP said Schuck prevented a tragedy by directly putting herself in harm’s way in order to prevent others from getting hurt or killed.

And here’s the dashcam footage via the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Florida Highway Patrol:

This could’ve been a mass-casualty event:

Yep. “Hero”:

And here’s what her patrol SUV looked like after the crash:

The latest report is that she’s at home recovering from her injuries:

We wish her a speedy recovery.



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