Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell and Richard Grenell, a former Director of National Intelligence and ambassador to Germany, over this tweet that rightfully pointed out Germany’s then Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas criticized President Donald Trump in 2018, saying “Germany is not dependent on Russia, especially not on energy issues. … We will not tire of countering this with the real facts…”:

Um, but Trump was right back in 2018 and Germany is admitting that’s it’s dependent on Russian oil right now:

Anyway, here’s where the fight started after Grenell tweeted that Merkel and Mass “built a partnership with Putin” and “They resisted calls from Trump and some German experts who saw this pipeline as too much leverage and influence from Russia”:

Now, Swalwell, rather than actually answering Grenell’s tweet, played the Nazi card:

In response, Grenell played the Fang Fang card and questioned if Swalwell actually knows WTF he’s talking about.

“Did Fang Fang tell you that? Because she got you again. It’s illegal to be a Nazi in Germany. He is a member of the Bundestag representing the AFD – and he came to the 4th of July party like every member of the Bundestag”:

Swalwell then doubled down on the Nazi card, still ignoring the original tweet on Germany claiming they were not dependent on Russian energy:

And boom goes the Fang Fang card — again:

Grenell added that Swalwell’s relationship with Fang Fang is not a nothing story:

In response, Swalwell played the — wait for it! — Nazi card:

Grenell then explained that the reason the story more-or-less died is that protecting “sources and methods” is more important than dunking on Swalwell: