With everything else going on in the news yesterday, it was pretty easy to miss this major new development in Florida. . .

Strawberry shortcake is now the official dessert of the state of Florida:

Florida readers: Your thoughts?

And we expect this prediction will hold true:

It all makes perfect sense now!

For those that don’t know, strawberries are a major crop in the state:

But many, many folks weren’t happy with DeSantis over the choice:

And he’s being accused of stealing the dessert from Philadelphia:

And *is* strawberry shortcake really the signature dessert in the state?

Key Lim Pie folks would like a word:

“Key Lime Pie forever”:

Even his supporters think he’s wrong on this one:

This Miami-based editor agrees. Key Lime Pie for the win:

Did he go too far?

Exactly. This is way too important for an executive order. Put it on the ballot!



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