You know things are bad for the Biden administration when it’s journos who are calling them out for not sanctioning Russia’s energy industry.

From ABC’s Jonathan Karl:


Jonathan Karl:

Back to the key issue here, which is the question of banning the import of oil and gas from Russia. It is not insignificant. We actually take in more petroleum from Russia than we do from Saudi Arabia. So the ban will result in and it also obviously affects the world’s supply as well. So you’ll see oil go from $100 a barrel to $150, maybe $200 a barrel. But it’s extraordinary, George, for all of the sanctions that have been imposed and they have been unprecedented on Russia to sanction everything but the thing that drives their economy

Chris Christie:

John McCain used to say that Russia was a gas station masquerading as a country, and it was a great line. That’s all they have.

Well, here’s one theory:

And maybe it’s the actual plan after all?

But Secretary of State Tony Blinken did say this morning as well that there are “active discussions” underway with European nations on sanctions:

No rush!



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