In response to an unconfirmed (and probably totally bogus) report that Russia is laying explosives around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine in order to “blackmail the whole of Europe,” actress Patricia Arquette demanded that we “kick Russia out of NATO”:

Who wants to tell her that Russia is not a member of NATO (and she should Google MK-Ultra)?

Someone tell her that Russia isn’t a member of the EU, too:

It would complicate Article 5 of the NATO charter, however:

And when will the U.S. leave the Warsaw Pact? “THE TIME IS NOW”:

The blue-check makes it okay to mock her, so go right ahead!

And this is why we love Twitter:

Screenshot for posterity:



Tump was right: Germany announces increase in defense spending *above* NATO target, will build new LNG terminals

AOC and every other Squad member should be asked if they agree with the Democratic Socialists of America calling on the U.S. to leave NATO

NATO member Germany that wants to buy more energy from Russia sends 5000 helmets to Ukraine

Reporter at NATO presser teed up a question for Biden about Trump & Republicans, but guess what NOBODY asked about


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