The D.C. Board of Education released a statement on Friday saying the indoor mask mandate will remain in place “for the near future”:

We believe that, for the near future, the mask mandate should remain in place for indoor spaces in schools to protect our youngest students. We strongly support increasing District efforts to promote vaccination of all eligible children, to expand distribution of high-quality masks and at-home COVID tests and to increase robust outdoor eduction options for every school to help reach a negligible rate of community spread.

And the insanity continues:

Just how does the BOE define a “negligible rate of community spread? Currently, the New York Times reports that D.C. has one of the lowest case rates in the country with an average of 80 cases per day, 11 per 100,00 and this represents a decline of 42% in the past 14 days.

Good question!

“Why isn’t Biden calling this out as antiscientific garbage? You don’t get to pick and choose. If it’s ok for a bunch of senior citizens in the Capitol to be maskless, then there is zero risk to kids. They should be ashamed”:

As for the “advance notice” the board is demanding before they lift the mandate. . .

. . .it’s one month. One. Freaking. Month:

When the time comes for the lifting of the indoor mask mandate in schools, we urge Mayor Bowser to provide adequate lead time, at least one month, to allow families to prepare their children and school leaders to prepare their staff for the change.

The word for all of this is “evil”:




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