Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who hopes to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in November, tweeted out this combination Karen and cat meme in an attempt to call him out for pointing out mask theater to some high school students on Wednesday:

In case you missed it, here’s the video that set her — and other libs/journos off:

One, this could be the worst meme we’ve ever seen:

And, two, how will Gov. Ron DeSantis ever recover from this?

Nikki, stop trying to make Karen happen. It’s not going to happen:

Ron DeSantis is such a Karen — always the victim, always whining and complaining. It’s so annoying.”


“Sounds like Dictator Karen wasn’t having much fun at Yale and Harvard so he’s taking it out on the rest of us.”

But, really, how are they so bad at this?

She’s also calling DeSantis “the worst governor”:

She’s also attempting to fundraise off of this non-story:

Good luck, Nikki. At this point, we doubt she’ll be able to even beat Charlie Crist.



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