Can someone please explain to us the logic behind seizing the assets of the head of Russia’s state oil giant while at the same time continuing to buy oil from Russia’s state oil giant?

This makes no damn sense:

And there *used to be* an entire network of Dems and journos who were really, really quick to scream “No blood for oil!” as it related to foreign policy.

Now? Now Dems are just “ramping up pressure” to ban Russian oil imports?

At least some of them are beginning to see how dumb they look:

But instead of punching Vladimir Putin in the face, governments are seizing the unused toys of the country’s oligarchs:

This is long overdue:

Team Biden is so, so transparent on this. They’re afraid they’ll get blamed for rising prices at the pump and they know their dopey green energy plans won’t sell ahead of the 2022 midterms:

Biden’s energy policy is *literally* “blood for oil” and not enough Dems actually give a damn about it as they’d rather keep importing Russian energy instead of allowing America to become truly energy independent:




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