There’s no way to sugarcoat it, but CNN’s post-SOTU poll is absolutely awful news for President Joe Biden. Via Aron Goldman of the Argo Journal:

What makes it worse for the president is that the “sample of State of the Union speech watchers was 11 points more Democratic than the American public”:

And to put the 41% “very positive” into perspective, this is the lowest result in 15 years:

Hee’s the transcript. Please note the highlighted portion below that shows how big a problem Biden has on the economy, especially since this poll is D+11:

Not a poll, obviously, of all Americans. That would not be possible here. This is a poll of people who watch the speech. And what’s important to note about that is that people who watch a President give a State of the Union tend to be more supportive of that President or in that president’s party. We see this with Democratic presidents and Republican presidents.

And so our survey tonight of Speech Watchers is about eleven points more Democratic as a body of people here that were pulled than the overall population in America. So just keep that in mind as we now show you what this instant reaction was. A poll of Speech Watchers tonight. 41% had a very positive reaction to the president’s speech, 29% somewhat positive, 29% negative. That 41%. When you compare it to last year’s speech that Joe Biden gave to a joint session of Congress, that’s about ten points lower on the very positive scale.

51% last year. You see 41% today. In fact, that 41% is the lowest very positive we’ve seen in about the last 15 years of instant polling after the State of the Union address. Take a look at this question here. We said, did Biden do enough to address some of the major issues here on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 69% said the President did enough to address that.

But look at this for the domestic issues that the White House is so keenly aware of in this midterm election year, that are potential problems for Biden. They still seem to be problems. 47% said he did enough on inflation, 46% said he did enough on violent crime, majorities for both inflation and violent crime, said he did not do enough. You enough. And again, I just want to remind you that is the majority of a speech watching audience that is more Democratic than the American populace overall.

And that’s a drop of 10% from his address last year:

Regarding how Biden will fight inflation, he “didn’t make the sale”:

To quote James Carville, “it’s the economy, stupid” is still the path to victory for any politician:



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