White House chief of staff Ron Klain is getting called out for claiming that “78% of voters approved of @POTUS #SOTU, and a strong majority believe that the President’s agenda to attack inflation will work!”:

What Klain left out is that the CBS poll is not of “voters” but of people who watched the speech, and that’s a huge difference:

CBS News added this caveat on its write-up of the poll:

“As we’ve seen with previous presidents’ State of the Union speeches, those who watched tonight are more likely to be from the president’s own political party, boosting approval of the speech.”

And here’s the tweet about it. See? Nothing about “voters” here:

And CBS News is making it clear that it’s not voters:

Pollster Frank Luntz called out Klain, tweeting “ You know this poll was only among #SOTU speech watchers, who tend to overwhelmingly be from the president’s own party” and “Trump’s final SOTU had a 76% positive reaction among watchers”:

Klain was also corrected by Kabir Khana, a data journalist with CBS News on the network’s Decision Desk/Election & Survey Unit:

“Looks like someone choosing fiction over science… We conducted a poll of self-reported speech watchers across the country, not voters.”

Khanna added that it was a partisan audience, as well:

“So no, 78% of U.S. voters didn’t approve 78% approved *among people who tuned in tonight* It was a partisan audience as usual: 49% Democrats.”

We’re getting some major Baghdad Bob vibes from the White House:


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