On Sunday, multiple reputable news agencies reported that the European Union “will provide” fighter aircraft to Ukraine. . .

. . .and there were viral tweets like this one from a blue-check claiming the jets would arrive in Ukraine “within the hour” on Sunday:

Well, Sunday and then Monday came and went but Ukraine still thought they were getting the jets today:

But the latest news is that there will be no jets delivered at all:

“Seems to be collapsing”?

It certainly looks like the deal is dead:

And looking back at the reporting from Sunday, it does appear there was quite a bit of wishcasting going on where “may include” fighter jets quickly turned into “the fighter jets are on the way in an hour”:

From Bloomberg on Sunday:

The EU’s military aid package may include supplying fighter jets for the Ukrainian air force, Borrell said. Borrell said the EU has already had discussions with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba about the type of jets the Ukrainian military needs and there are member states that are able to supply them.

Member states that don’t want to be associated with contributing lethal weapons will be able to abstain or make a parallel contribution of non-lethal aid.

Who wants to tell him?

Blue-checks, do better:


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